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Donnelly River (Western Australia)
Greenhills (Western Australia)
Northern Gully (Western Australia)
Yalbra (Western Australia)
Maniry and Ianapera (Madagascar)

BlackEarth Minerals NL has augmented its portfolio of high-quality West Australian graphite assets by acquiring a substantial regional land package in Madagascar: the Maniry and Ianapera graphite projects. Both are highly prospective by virtue of their proximity to the large, high-quality Molo project, as well as the preliminary exploration work undertaken at each.

While BlackEarth Minerals NL will continue to seek early-entry acquisition opportunities elsewhere in Australia, as well as overseas, initially it plans to focus on exploring for graphite at its West Australian projects, and on further development of the Maniry and Ianapera projects in southern Madagascar.


13 June 2018 Razafy system extends to the north-west and new lens identified at Razafy East 7 pages (759.6KB)
01 June 2018 Notice of resignation of auditor 2 pages (282.6KB)
24 May 2018 BEM continues to strike high grade graphite at Razafy Madagascar 17 pages (1.6MB)
16 May 2018 Drilling Returns High Grade Graphite at the Razafy Prospect 15 pages (10.5MB)
09 May 2018 Drilling continues to intersect wide graphite zones at Maniry  9 pages (882.0KB)
26 April 2018 Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterly Cashflow Report 18 pages (1.6MB)
06 April 2018 Successful drilling commencement at Maniry Project Madagascar 10 pages (1.2MB)
15 March 2018 Battery minerals presentation and company update 20 pages (4.4MB)
06 March 2018 Drilling commences at Maniry graphite project Madagascar 2 pages (516.4KB)
01 March 2018 Half Year Accounts 18 pages (1.8MB)
28 February 2018 Appendix 3B 13 pages (384.2KB)
23 February 2018 Drill rigs mobilising to Maniry for drilling commencement 2 pages (535.5KB)
16 February 2018 Clarification on Maniry graphite project mineralogy 10 pages (780.4KB)
15 February 2018 Mineralogy confirmed as high quality large flake graphite 3 pages (605.7KB)
31 January 2018 Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterly Cashflow Report 9 pages (1.1MB)
23 January 2018 BlackEarth Expands Its Graphite and Madagascan Expertise 3 pages (795.5KB)
19 January 2018 BlackEarth commences trading on ASX today 1 page (196.7KB)
18 January 2018 Initial Director’s Interest Notice * 3 6 pages (351.8KB)
18 January 2018 Becoming a substantial holder 2 pages (116.8KB)
18 January 2018 Becoming a substantial holder from LIT 2 pages (127.5KB)
16 January 2018 Confirmation Statements 10 Pages (1.2MB)
16 January 2018 Restricted Securities Schedule 1 Page (39KB)
16 January 2018 Securities Trading Policy 5 Pages (541KB)
16 January 2018 Audited Accounts 34 Pages (1.8MB)
16 January 2018 Constitution 60 Pages (2.4MB)
16 January 2018 Prospectus 216 Pages (18.5MB)
16 January 2018 Appendix 1A 34 Pages (1.9MB)
16 January 2018 Top 20 Holders 5 Pages (81KB)
16 January 2018 Distribution Schedule 1 Page (67KB)
16 January 2018 Pre Quotation Disclosure 1 Page (254KB)
16 January 2018 ASX Notice 2 Pages (285KB)
16 January 2018 Admission to the Official List 1 Page (252KB)

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